Markus Rothkranz Will Change Your Life in 15 Minutes

At the Cashman Center in Las Vegas, inspirational speaker Markus Rothkranz gave a 15 minute speech capable of changing people’s lives. He starts off by explaining how when we are young, the world is so bright and beautiful. We have so many dreams and such a rich imagination. However, we begin hearing ‘no’ from people all around us. This ends up destroying that innocent peace and adventurous spirit we were born with. Soon, we begin following the crowd of people. Instead of following our hearts, we take a pre-paved path that everyone else does. We go to school in order to get a job we don’t like. We use that income to buy a house and car that we didn’t even dream about. Eventually, we end up losing everything. Rothkranz explains that the moment we lose it all is a chance to realize that we don’t need any of it. All we need is peace.

Markus Rothkranz explains that we cannot begin enjoying life until we can show appreciation. Appreciation for even the smallest things will help us to be able to truly experience and appreciate the greater things in our life. From his own personal experience, Markus reveals that he has known what its like to be near death, to be poor, to be hungry and depressed. He knows what it’s like to look around and think that everyone else is happier, healthier, luckier and wealthier. Markus says that we must look inside of ourselves to find our true potential. Each one of us has gifts and unique talents to offer the world. These unique traits are our tools that are to be used to fulfill our dreams and contribute something to the world. He says that income doesn’t matter as long as we make the world a better place while we’re here.

Seattle Genetics announces plan to roll out more drugs

Seattle Genetics is a Bothell-based company that manufactures different pharmaceutical drugs. The company has rolled out a plan to hire more people and introduce new drugs to help combat cancer-related medical conditions. Thanks to the firm, Seattle is among the cities that strive to find a cure for cancer. Recently, the company has stepped up the use of Adcetris to aid in cancer treatments led by Clay Siegall. The drug is being tried against several types of lymphomas in more than seventy trials that Seattle Genetics has been involved in.

Seattle Genetics’ core operation involve conducting advanced tests that utilize Adcetris as the lead cure for new and old cases of Hodgkin lymphoma. Clay Siegall, the companies CEO, said that the results of these trials would have the biggest impact on the company’s reputation compared to any other trial that the company has conducted in 2016.

Adcetris has received a lot of confidence from the North American public. In an investor meeting held by the company, it was reported that sales in USA and Canada had exceeded $200 million. This proves that the public has a lot of confidence in the company and their drugs. This can be credited to the level of research the company engages in and the reputation it has built over the years.

Mr. Siegall announced that the company had more drugs that they plan to roll out soon. He said that more than 12 drugs had been developed by the company to help in the management of several types of cancers. Seattle Genetics also announced that they are planning to conduct Phase 3(advanced) trials for another drug named 33A. This drug will be used to treat acute myeloid leukemia.

Siegall has also announced that they are also developing a drug that will be used to treat breast cancer. Two more drugs are also available for treating bladder cancer. The company’s CEO promised to release more data on those three drugs at a future date.

Part of how Seattle Genetics has been able to achieve its accomplishments is through their ambitious leader, Clay Siegall. Clay founded the company in 1998. He majored in zoology from University of Maryland and holds a Ph.D. in genetics from George Washington University.

Sports Betting in College Basketball Basics

If you are planning to make an intelligent wager in basketball, it is crucial to know the basics. Spread betting; over under betting, money line betting and prop betting represent unique options for you to pile the winning.

In spread betting, the player is required to pick sides. However, it is not simple like picking the winning team. You must make sure that your team wins and cover a particular amount of points. For instance, if the team you are playing is favored to win the March Madness competition by five points, the points should constitute the spread. If you need to collect your wager, then the team you have chosen should win by five or more points. Most of the sites in the market currently will guide you through the process. is one of the most preferred sites for many basketball bettors. If you want to win your bets on March Madness odds while gambling on the underdog, you must ensure that the team will lose with five or more points.

Money line betting is basically picking the team that wins the sports betting game outright. In money life betting, there is no need to spread, and this means that the margin victory location does not matter. If the team you wager has won, then that is automatically a win for you. However, with this game, the team that is favored to win is required to pay out less than the team that has been favored to lose. This means that if you bet on on the underdog, and your team wins, you get more money than people who were betting on the favorite.

Total point betting, also known as over-under betting, and it means betting on the total points where the points in the games have been combined. If you are playing for a real casino such as, it will set a game total point value. When betting, the player ensures that the total points are above the total points scored or below. In a typical total point score that has been set by a casino for a college basketball game should be 148.5. When a player bets the over, then the total points that are scored by the two teams combined should total to 149 for the ticket to pay. It is easy to make money on the betting game, but you must understand the basics in order to win. Before playing, understand each and every rule applied by the casino too.

Classdojo Improves the Way Classrooms Work

With a need for a streamlined process, the Classdojo creators came up with the idea for the Classdojo app. They wanted to make sure that everyone who was a part of the classroom was able to be included in the child’s day without ever having to step foot in the classroom. The app cuts down on time that is wasted in the classroom, allows students to feel better about their learning environment and can even completely eliminate the need for conferences between parents and teachers on a regular basis. It is an app that is perfect for nearly any academic situation.


Teachers may end up wasting a lot of time in the classroom environment if they are constantly coming up with new ideas to change the rewards and points systems in the classroom. They may not be able to focus all of their attention on their students and this could prove to be a huge problem with the teachers as well as the students. With Classdojo, teachers are able to make the process easier. They can simply get on the app and reward the students without worrying about too much wasted time. The app has truly been a time saver for most of the teachers who use it.


Students are the ones who suffer from a uniform lack of rewards. The students who are in classrooms that use Class dojo are able to get what they want out of the app and are able to get special rewards for having good days. This allows their spirits to be lifted and the morale of the classroom to go up. This is a great way for teachers to encourage their students and for them to be able to feel like they are a meaningful part of the classroom that they spend so much time in.


Since teachers and parents are able to communicate on a regular basis by using the Classdojo app, there is very little need for parents and teachers to have conferences when they make the choice to use the app. There are many things that teachers and parents can talk about on the app but the messaging system makes it a possibility. There is very little need for outside communication because of the convenience that Classdojo provides. A lack of parent teacher conferences can free up time slots in the busy schedules of both parents as well as their child’s teacher.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Comes Home To Austin

Dr. Jennifer Walden made her name as a plastic surgeon in New York City but she never forgot where she came from. The Austin-born surgeon has been named one of the 24 best beauty surgeons in the United States by none other than Harper’s Bazaar magazine. He is also one of the very few women who have been named to the board of directors fo the America Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).


Dr. Walden is not only a published author but she has been regularly featured on national television programs and prominent magazines.


As a successful profession woman, Dr. Walden makes time to enjoy the things in life that truly matter to her; hew twin boys Houston and Rex.


She describes herself as a “doer” and “achievement-oriented”. Her determination and faith in her own abilities can be traced back to her days at the University of Texas at Austin. After earning her bachelor’s degree she applied for medical school and was promptly put on a waiting list. After she made it into the program at UT Galveston, she was determined to prove her worth and graduated as Salutatorian of her class. After university, she was accepted for residency at the prestigious Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital.


Dr. Walden grew up in the Northwest Hills neighborhood of Austin. Her parents were both medical professionals. Her father was a dentist and her mother worked as a surgical nurse. Jennifer was on of five children and says her mother is her hero. As a mother of two, Dr. Walden remains impressed at her mother’s ability for raise five children.


Coming back home, she hopes to inspire other young women to pursue a career in medicine. She will continue to mentor young ladies who are in pre-med studies because she knows the value of having a strong support network. Austin and its young women will surely benefit from the return of Dr. Jennirer Walden.

Securus Technologies is using technology to make the world a safer place to live

Securus Technologies is one of the largest manufactures of civil and criminal justice technology for investigation, corrections and monitoring. The company has just recently announced that nearly a dozen of its specialists have been honored with internationally recognized certification.


Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) is a big time supporter of information and communication technology products. The industry deals with all kinds of voice, data, electronic safety, and audio & video technologies. The employees working for Building Industry Consulting Service International helps layout the design of the technologies Securus uses as well as install and manage them.


All of the projects they work on use spaces, copper-based distribution systems, and wireless-based systems, and infrastructure. BICSI works with over 20,000 information technology professionals in over 100 countries through training, conferences, and publications.


BICSI is a trusted company for training assistance. The company really understands how technology is growing and what the standards are. That way employees are get the best performance and reliability. Certified specialists usually work for a decade at any given time and help install technology for customers all over the world. The company values its certifications heavily. The ultimate goal is to have the best trained employees serving the community.


Securus Technologies is working out of its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company helps serve over 3000 public safety and law enforcement officers across North America as well as over one million inmates. The company is working to make North America a better place to live for all. Securus Technologies works with response, incident management, public information, investigation, biometric analysis, communication, and information management. It is all about connecting with what matters most. Staying connected with those who mean the most is absolutely important in life. It is also important to ensure that no inmates will harm others while in jail or on parole. To learn more about their various technology solutions used by Securus check out their website.


Kabbalah overview

Madonna is an adherent. So are Ashton Kutcher and Britney Spears. That’s right, Kabbalah is everywhere. But what exactly is it?

Kabbalah roughly translates to reception, or that which is received, in Hebrew. It has its roots in the Jewish communities of medieval Spain and southern France. Kabbalah is a mystical set of teachings that try to explain how the soul works in relation to the divine world. It teaches that human beings can only experience one percent of the world through the five senses. The other 99 percent of the world can only be accessed through mysticism.

The Kabbalah worldview is that the world is an imperfect place and, when the world was just one minute old, a rupture took place that trapped sparks of the divine in the material world. Kabbalah adherents, consequently, see living a holy life as their task. Through living a holy life and obeying God’s commandments, they can help heal the world and release the divine sparks, creating a better world.

The Torah teaches that mankind was created in the image of God. According to Kabbalah, this means humans are made of the same essence as God and can partner with Him in repairing all of creation. Kabbalah teaches that the human soul has the same qualities as the divine. Human beings, therefore, can assist God, but also know God, which is their true selves.

The Kabbalah’s most famous oeuvre is the Zohar, a mystical book written in Aramaic that was uncovered in 13th Century Spain

The Kabbalah Centre was launched in 1965 by Rav Philip Berg (born Feivel Gruberger) and Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein. Today it is based in Los Angeles, but has satellite sites in all over the world, from New York to Tel Aviv to Buenos Aires.

The Centre takes a modern approach to Kabbalah’s mystical teachings. It starts off students with teachings that do not require prior knowledge of Hebrew or the Torah. Instead of casting itself as a religious tradition in itself, the Kabbalah Centre represents itself as a supplement to other teachings, whether Buddhist, Christian, or Jewish.

How to Choose the Right Litigation Lawyer in Brazil

Are you facing a complex business dispute or other legal matter in Brazil? Do you want to hire the best litigation lawyer to help resolve the matter and get you a good outcome? When it comes to business disputes or related issues, it is always advisable to hire the best lawyer you can afford. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a great choice.

Lawyers typically do not cross over legal practice areas within a law firm, however. Lawyers who are trained in court hearing and trials usually stay within this practice area most of the time they are in practice. Similarly, transnational lawyers who handle business and corporate drafting-intense work may not need to be in a courtroom.

Once you have identified a few lawyers who might be able to help you, the nest step is to schedule an initial consultation so that you can discuss some important issues before deciding to hire them. Ideally, the information you get will help you screen candidates until you find the right one for your situation. To help you select a lawyer, you may need to write down any answers or impressions you get during the consultation. You can compare the answers and information to help you select the lawyer you would like to represent you.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a competent Brazilian lawyer, specializing in business and corporate law. He is a powerful business litigation lawyer in Brazilian and has earned a world wide recognition. He is highly reputable and reliable, knowledgeable and experienced in business disputes, breach of contract and other issues that affect businesses and corporations.

As a skilled lawyer, Ricardo Tosto’s advice can help you understand the complex rules associated with partnerships, business disputes and negotiations, business structure and other complex issues. Mr Ricardo Tosto began his law practice in a small office and today he owns one of the most popular and reputable law firms in Brazil. As an experienced business and corporate law attorney, Mr Ricardo Tosto advises and guides corporations and their staff on legal issues that affect their organization.

NYC – The Recent Trends in Real Estate


The NYC apartments for rent scenery has seen quite the change in recent years. From the tenants to the design and essentials of apartments, the topography has been turned on its head. Currently, there are more townhouses in New York that are being turned into luxurious single-family residences. Additionally, other than the demand for great living conditions, there is an influx of high-tech security add-ons requested by potential property owners. These go as far as front door cameras that are monitored via smartphones and air filtration systems.


While New York is a relatively safe city, the number of people living within its confines is massive which increases the fear of crime. Some of the NYC apartments for rent even have compression systems installed to improve protection against bioterrorism and chemical attacks.


Considering the increasing number of people in the city and the demand for modern, ultra-high security homes, the supply for such homes is running thin and finding the best NYC apartments for rent or even purchase is become tougher. However, Town Residential is a great resource that can help you get the home of your choice in a timely and hustle-free manner.


With more potential customers and not as many apartments to fit their class and palette you need more than a great realtor to help you find the apartment of your dreams before someone else beats you to it. Home owners also understand that most people are going online to find their dream homes. Town Residential offers a great platform where sellers can list their properties and buyers can find them with ease and down to their chosen specifics.


With their simple, intuitive and straight forward website, you can easily find the home you’re looking for. Additionally, you can use the website to filter your search by including the address, neighborhood and the design of the home or apartment for rent that you want.


Despite the increased demands of the upscale apartments in New York and especially those with excellent security features, finding an apartment for the younger, financially empowered and rich in taste home owner is not entirely out of reach. You just have to change your search methods and Town Residential offers you a more modern method. The same goes for those looking for NYC apartments for rent through their website here:

10 Hair Hacks to Hack Your Hair!

If you’re a girl and you have stubborn hair or you just want to know more about how to take care of your hair, simply watch the video and follow Wengie on YouTube! So, here are ten hair hacks to keep your hair healthy and looking great!

10. Healthy Body, Healthy Hair.
Keep your body stocked up on all vitamins and minerals by taking Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins! Wengie take them every morning to keep her hair nourished and growing strong and healthy with no breakage.

9. Clean Brush, Clean Hair.
Keep old oils from your scalp away from the new, fresh oils it produces each day by keepng your hairbrush clean! Simply get out all old hair, make a ‘brush bath’ with warm water, then use shampoo to scrub the bristles. Rinse and you’re done!

8. Less Frizz, Sweet Smell.
Give your hair a de-frizz while also leaving it smelling fresh and clean bu pushing a drier sheet onto your hairbrush bristles!

7. No Fuss Long Hair Pony Tail.
Make your hair look longer when in a ponytail by placing a smaller section of the underside of your hair in a ponytail, then putting the rest in a pony tail on top.

6. Hair Mask.
Two TSP of coconut oil and some warm water is all you need to make this hair mask!

5. Ditch The Towel.
Instead of using a rough towel, which can dry your hair out and make it frizzy, use a t-shirt, which has softer fibers, to dry your hair!

4. No Face Frill-ies.
To keep those pesky, short hairs that surround your face from sticking out, put some hairspray on a tooth brush and simply brush them back!

3.Hair Spray Bobby Pin.
Spray a bobby pin with hair spray to give it a little more grip. This will hold your hair tighter, longer!

2. Split Ends Trim.
Using a sharp pair of hair-cutting scissors, twist your hair until it’s tight, then just trim off the hairs that stick out!

1. Easy Hair Curl.
Place your hair in a high ponytail, separate into 8-10 pieces, curl, then let your hair down!


Learn more about Wengie: