Securus Technologies is using technology to make the world a safer place to live

Securus Technologies is one of the largest manufactures of civil and criminal justice technology for investigation, corrections and monitoring. The company has just recently announced that nearly a dozen of its specialists have been honored with internationally recognized certification.


Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) is a big time supporter of information and communication technology products. The industry deals with all kinds of voice, data, electronic safety, and audio & video technologies. The employees working for Building Industry Consulting Service International helps layout the design of the technologies Securus uses as well as install and manage them.


All of the projects they work on use spaces, copper-based distribution systems, and wireless-based systems, and infrastructure. BICSI works with over 20,000 information technology professionals in over 100 countries through training, conferences, and publications.


BICSI is a trusted company for training assistance. The company really understands how technology is growing and what the standards are. That way employees are get the best performance and reliability. Certified specialists usually work for a decade at any given time and help install technology for customers all over the world. The company values its certifications heavily. The ultimate goal is to have the best trained employees serving the community.


Securus Technologies is working out of its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company helps serve over 3000 public safety and law enforcement officers across North America as well as over one million inmates. The company is working to make North America a better place to live for all. Securus Technologies works with response, incident management, public information, investigation, biometric analysis, communication, and information management. It is all about connecting with what matters most. Staying connected with those who mean the most is absolutely important in life. It is also important to ensure that no inmates will harm others while in jail or on parole. To learn more about their various technology solutions used by Securus check out their website.


Kabbalah overview

Madonna is an adherent. So are Ashton Kutcher and Britney Spears. That’s right, Kabbalah is everywhere. But what exactly is it?

Kabbalah roughly translates to reception, or that which is received, in Hebrew. It has its roots in the Jewish communities of medieval Spain and southern France. Kabbalah is a mystical set of teachings that try to explain how the soul works in relation to the divine world. It teaches that human beings can only experience one percent of the world through the five senses. The other 99 percent of the world can only be accessed through mysticism.

The Kabbalah worldview is that the world is an imperfect place and, when the world was just one minute old, a rupture took place that trapped sparks of the divine in the material world. Kabbalah adherents, consequently, see living a holy life as their task. Through living a holy life and obeying God’s commandments, they can help heal the world and release the divine sparks, creating a better world.

The Torah teaches that mankind was created in the image of God. According to Kabbalah, this means humans are made of the same essence as God and can partner with Him in repairing all of creation. Kabbalah teaches that the human soul has the same qualities as the divine. Human beings, therefore, can assist God, but also know God, which is their true selves.

The Kabbalah’s most famous oeuvre is the Zohar, a mystical book written in Aramaic that was uncovered in 13th Century Spain

The Kabbalah Centre was launched in 1965 by Rav Philip Berg (born Feivel Gruberger) and Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein. Today it is based in Los Angeles, but has satellite sites in all over the world, from New York to Tel Aviv to Buenos Aires.

The Centre takes a modern approach to Kabbalah’s mystical teachings. It starts off students with teachings that do not require prior knowledge of Hebrew or the Torah. Instead of casting itself as a religious tradition in itself, the Kabbalah Centre represents itself as a supplement to other teachings, whether Buddhist, Christian, or Jewish.

How to Choose the Right Litigation Lawyer in Brazil

Are you facing a complex business dispute or other legal matter in Brazil? Do you want to hire the best litigation lawyer to help resolve the matter and get you a good outcome? When it comes to business disputes or related issues, it is always advisable to hire the best lawyer you can afford. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a great choice.

Lawyers typically do not cross over legal practice areas within a law firm, however. Lawyers who are trained in court hearing and trials usually stay within this practice area most of the time they are in practice. Similarly, transnational lawyers who handle business and corporate drafting-intense work may not need to be in a courtroom.

Once you have identified a few lawyers who might be able to help you, the nest step is to schedule an initial consultation so that you can discuss some important issues before deciding to hire them. Ideally, the information you get will help you screen candidates until you find the right one for your situation. To help you select a lawyer, you may need to write down any answers or impressions you get during the consultation. You can compare the answers and information to help you select the lawyer you would like to represent you.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a competent Brazilian lawyer, specializing in business and corporate law. He is a powerful business litigation lawyer in Brazilian and has earned a world wide recognition. He is highly reputable and reliable, knowledgeable and experienced in business disputes, breach of contract and other issues that affect businesses and corporations.

As a skilled lawyer, Ricardo Tosto’s advice can help you understand the complex rules associated with partnerships, business disputes and negotiations, business structure and other complex issues. Mr Ricardo Tosto began his law practice in a small office and today he owns one of the most popular and reputable law firms in Brazil. As an experienced business and corporate law attorney, Mr Ricardo Tosto advises and guides corporations and their staff on legal issues that affect their organization.

NYC – The Recent Trends in Real Estate


The NYC apartments for rent scenery has seen quite the change in recent years. From the tenants to the design and essentials of apartments, the topography has been turned on its head. Currently, there are more townhouses in New York that are being turned into luxurious single-family residences. Additionally, other than the demand for great living conditions, there is an influx of high-tech security add-ons requested by potential property owners. These go as far as front door cameras that are monitored via smartphones and air filtration systems.


While New York is a relatively safe city, the number of people living within its confines is massive which increases the fear of crime. Some of the NYC apartments for rent even have compression systems installed to improve protection against bioterrorism and chemical attacks.


Considering the increasing number of people in the city and the demand for modern, ultra-high security homes, the supply for such homes is running thin and finding the best NYC apartments for rent or even purchase is become tougher. However, Town Residential is a great resource that can help you get the home of your choice in a timely and hustle-free manner.


With more potential customers and not as many apartments to fit their class and palette you need more than a great realtor to help you find the apartment of your dreams before someone else beats you to it. Home owners also understand that most people are going online to find their dream homes. Town Residential offers a great platform where sellers can list their properties and buyers can find them with ease and down to their chosen specifics.


With their simple, intuitive and straight forward website, you can easily find the home you’re looking for. Additionally, you can use the website to filter your search by including the address, neighborhood and the design of the home or apartment for rent that you want.


Despite the increased demands of the upscale apartments in New York and especially those with excellent security features, finding an apartment for the younger, financially empowered and rich in taste home owner is not entirely out of reach. You just have to change your search methods and Town Residential offers you a more modern method. The same goes for those looking for NYC apartments for rent through their website here:

10 Hair Hacks to Hack Your Hair!

If you’re a girl and you have stubborn hair or you just want to know more about how to take care of your hair, simply watch the video and follow Wengie on YouTube! So, here are ten hair hacks to keep your hair healthy and looking great!

10. Healthy Body, Healthy Hair.
Keep your body stocked up on all vitamins and minerals by taking Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins! Wengie take them every morning to keep her hair nourished and growing strong and healthy with no breakage.

9. Clean Brush, Clean Hair.
Keep old oils from your scalp away from the new, fresh oils it produces each day by keepng your hairbrush clean! Simply get out all old hair, make a ‘brush bath’ with warm water, then use shampoo to scrub the bristles. Rinse and you’re done!

8. Less Frizz, Sweet Smell.
Give your hair a de-frizz while also leaving it smelling fresh and clean bu pushing a drier sheet onto your hairbrush bristles!

7. No Fuss Long Hair Pony Tail.
Make your hair look longer when in a ponytail by placing a smaller section of the underside of your hair in a ponytail, then putting the rest in a pony tail on top.

6. Hair Mask.
Two TSP of coconut oil and some warm water is all you need to make this hair mask!

5. Ditch The Towel.
Instead of using a rough towel, which can dry your hair out and make it frizzy, use a t-shirt, which has softer fibers, to dry your hair!

4. No Face Frill-ies.
To keep those pesky, short hairs that surround your face from sticking out, put some hairspray on a tooth brush and simply brush them back!

3.Hair Spray Bobby Pin.
Spray a bobby pin with hair spray to give it a little more grip. This will hold your hair tighter, longer!

2. Split Ends Trim.
Using a sharp pair of hair-cutting scissors, twist your hair until it’s tight, then just trim off the hairs that stick out!

1. Easy Hair Curl.
Place your hair in a high ponytail, separate into 8-10 pieces, curl, then let your hair down!


Learn more about Wengie:


Urban Outfitters Led Me to Lime Crime Makeup

Nearly my entire wardrobe is made up of Urban Outfitters clothing. I have numerous sweaters, graphic t-shirts, rompers, dresses, denim jackets and skirts from the Urban Outfitters store. My fascination with the Urban Outfitters clothing led me to become interested in some of the other products the store sells. I ended up beginning to buy beauty products from Urban Outfitters. One of the beauty products I really love that is from the Urban Outfitters store is the Lime Crime beauty brand.


I am not a huge beauty freak. I do however love putting some artistic thought into my style, so I appreciate adding some beauty products to just further my style. Lime Crime is the perfect makeup brand to choose if you want to amp up your personal look. I really am amazed at the quality it has while also having interesting colors. Mainly lip colors I have tried in the past that came in “rainbow” colors were very low quality. Lime Crime lip colors have the same quality as any respected makeup company, including the colors that are in blue, green and yellow.


The products from Lime Crime that I have seen that are sold at Urban Outfitters are all of their lip colors. Their Matte Velvetines lip colors, Unicorn lipsticks and Perlees lip colors are all available at Urban Outfitters. All of the make brand’s eye shadow, eye liner and glitter are all available at Urban Outfitters too.


I definitely recommend the Lime Crime brand to anyone who wants some makeup to add some pops of color to their style. If you want more options then what Urban Outfitters has then you should check out the makeup brand’s webstore: ““.

Gooee IoT Lighting Can Make A Factory Easy To Work In

The bright overhead lights that are used in most factories are just not good enough because they shine light everywhere, but it does not always go where all the people are working. It can cause big problems for the people who work in the factory, and it can make it very hard for people to get the kinds lighting they need just to get their work done. Their eyes are straining, but they can work a lot better under the Gooee IoT Lighting.

Someone who has Gooee IoT lighting installed in their office will be able to get a lot of good results because the lights will point in the right direction. Someone who is trying to make sure that they have taken the time to get the results they need has to program the Gooee lights to go where they need to go. The lights will shift when they need to, and they will send all their energy to the right places to get everyone what they need. There is less straining among the people who are working, and there will be less headaches. The people who are trying to save their energy will be able to sit under the right light, and the power bill for the company will go down.

Gooee IoT lights make it very easy for a business to save money. The program for the lights is easy to use, and the lights will start to save money in stead of wasting it. Productivity will rise instantly when everyone can see well.

Goettl Sees High Angie’s List Ranking

The Goettl brand has recently been undergoing some changes in management structure that have seen the ranking on Angie’s List of the company rise to high levels after a series of impressive reviews for this historic HVAC repair and servicing business. Goettl has been praised on Angie’s List and recently began a series of Internet special offers available through the membership review Site, which is known as one of the most respected in the construction and home maintenance industry. Reading the many different reviews available for Goettl gives the reader an impression of a company that prides itself on giving the highest level of customer service at all times.

One of the areas that is known as a problem for homeowners is the issue of how to cope with a price estimate for a specific job that escalates when the work is finally completed; reviews show Goettl provide a service including the chance for every aspect of a job to be discussed and priced prior to work commencing to make sure the homeowner has a complete understanding of the end costs at all times.

By providing a complete breakdown of costs prior to work commencing an element of trust has already been built between the customer and technician, which allows for a more relaxed period of work to take place. The reviews provided on Angie’s List show how the customer service of Goettl has become more important than ever, and includes the technician completing a full inspection of equipment before any task is classed as completed.

Owner Ken Goodrich is well known in the state of Nevada for the large amounts of community work he completes with the College of Southern Nevada for those hoping to enter the HVAC industry. Goodrich himself understands the history and tradition that has built up around the Goettl brand, including the fact many people in Arizona and Nevada grew up with the brand being a tradition; Goodrich himself took his first steps into the HVAC industry alongside his father working on Goettl brand HVAC equipment.

Read Goettl’s great reviews here:

Brian Torchin Gets Things Done

When people have the desire to make a difference in this world and are looking for a job in the much sought-after healthcare sector, they always turn to one person who seems to have everyone covered: Brian Torchin.

Torchin is a managing partner of a healthcare staffing solutions firm, which helps job applicants find opportunities in the healthcare sector and in firms involved with the industry.

Considered an experienced professional who has had a fundamental role in the expansion and growth of his company, Brian Torchin offers people career consultations and helps them conduct their searches.

At any given moment he’s got a client base 200, located in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia. He leaves no stone unturned in his goal to find jobs for people, and has deep connections in urgent care centers, private practices, and other healthcare organizations.

According to clients, Brian Torchin is always able to give comprehensive solutions and he consistently presents companies and corporations with qualified pools of candidates.

Brian Torchin has gained a reputation of a detail-oriented individual with a rosy outlook in the business world, who can navigate his way through the sluggish economy. He never fails to keep his mantra in mind: build long-term relationships with clients. His secret to success is maintaining a respectful demeanor at all times with clients.

Although a workaholic with little free time, Torchin manages to update a blog, which gives clients a greater insight into what he does.

In a blog post he recently described how, as hospitals work, “to integrate their services, shrink their total cost of care, raise patient satisfaction and drop their readmission, employing or aligning with physicians of all specialties are in hospitals’ sights.”

He prides himself on staying knowledgeable on competitive compensation trends and, in the same post, wrote that, “It’s important for health systems to be able to attract the talent and services they need to grow and improve, while ensuring compensation is appropriate to maximize financial resources.”

Torchin has kept up as a team player since launching the firm. His goal is to be available at all times to offer clients efficient and quick solution and to field any and all questions and request.

How to raise and maintain your search rankings

Have you noticed that your SERP can drop so fast? Sometimes, you wonder why your online search rankings drop without a whim. Even when your business is doing well, you might lose your penultimate position if your competitors outdo you when it comes to promoting their businesses online. Any position within the first 10 pages of your browser is welcome but obviously, you want to do better than that. The following tips will help you to climb to the top of your preferred browser and retain your position for as long as you wish.

External linking
Online entrepreneurs make a common mistake known as internal linking. Internal linking is the concept whereby companies use their own keywords without considering the jargon used in their specific industry. According to Reputation Management Fixers, SEO experts recommend external linking that involves carrying out keyword search to understand the products that are trending online so that you can draw your customers to your site. If you are fond of internal linking, you might have to work harder to achieve your goals.

Create a user-friendly site
If you want to maintain your ranking, ensure that your site is user friendly. For example, if you use the Quick sprout blog, you will get a better ranking compared to trying to do it alone. Avoiding using rich anchor text is the main key to leveraging internal linking and that is why linking a long tail SEO article with the anchor text “long tail SEO” is a better choice. Fortunately, there are solutions in place that you need to know so that you can be able to fix this problem easily.
If you start to lose your position, its better to address the problem sooner than later by taking advantage of the following tips.

1. build links to the page doing well in rankings
2. update your web page
3. work on your click through rates
4. optimize your design and organize your content
5. Invest in reputation management services
6. find out how much the negative links cost you
7. read the fixers playbook

For more information, refer to the website