Udaan 16th July 2018 Written Update

Udaan 16th July 2018 Written Update by Amena

Udaan 16th July 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Colonel recalling Suraj. He asks Naina is he the same guy about whom she told him. Naina says yes. Suraj says I have to say something. Chakor says we have to go and stop Suraj. Vivaan stops her. Suraj says Naina, I love you. She smiles. Chakor looks on and cries. Suraj says I really love you, I didn’t get a chance to say this before. Geeta compliments them. Everyone claps. Colonel says you wanted to stay here, you can take your time, I m glad to meet Suraj. He hugs Suraj and says meet me tomorrow. He goes. Udaan hai….plays….

Naina says you surprised me. Suraj holds her hand. Chakor gets back. Mahiya…..plays….. Suraj says I told you I m different. Vivaan says wow Chakor, Suraj is a charmer. He sees Chakor gone. Chakor goes out in road and cries thinking

of Suraj. She thinks for the nation and salutes. Udaan hai…..plays….. Suraj says we reached your home. Naina asks did you know my dad. He says I meet him often for work. She asks did you know he is my dad. He says no. She says this night will be memorable. He says for me too, go now, else your dad won’t leave me. She says we shall meet tomorrow. He gives her a flying kiss. She smiles and goes.
He says where is Chakor. Abhay sits in car and says Chakor went home, you did good work, you will meet Colonel tomorrow and have to get the proof. Suraj says I will do my best. Naina thinks of Suraj and smiles. She switches on lights and gets shocked seeing Colonel. He says you didn’t tell me about Suraj. She says we were just friends, I didn’t know what he thinks about me. He says he confessed love in front of everyone, what do you think, tell me, answer me. She cries and says I also love him. He gets shocked and leaves. Suraj comes to Chakor and asks are you sleeping, hug me, love me, I did a big thing today, I showed courage and proposed Naina, you are sleeping, I thought you will hug me, fine, I will celebrate my win, I m the cool Suraj now, Saanvi did you hear I can make anyone mad in my love, good night. He goes to sleep.

Chakor opens eyes. Its morning, Suraj asks for towel. Chakor hands over. She asks him not to waste time, you have to get ready, have imported things, Colonel will get impressed. He says I love you. She smiles. She sees Naina and cries. Naina says I love you too Suraj and hugs him. Chakor looks on. Her day dreaming ends. Suraj says what happened, you are lost. He calls Abhay and says Chakor is lost, she shouldn’t accompany us today. Abhay says she already told me that she won’t come. Suraj asks what. He asks Chakor why isn’t she coming. She says I have supported you till here, now you have manage this alone. He says fine, you don’t care for me, take care of Saanvi and yourself, we shall meet if I survive.

Suraj meets Colonel. Chakor joins Abhay. Colonel asks Suraj to kill a stranger. Suraj sees Chakor.

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